World Mental Health Day


World Mental Health Day (10 Oct) is a day to talk about mental health and show everyone that mental health matters. It’s also a day to let people know that it’s okay to ask for help, no matter what you’re going through. 



We have put together a resource for Parent Carers with some useful information on Mental Health, this includes information on The Healthy Parent Carer Programme. Research shows that parent carers have higher levels of stress and lower levels of wellbeing than parents with non-disabled children. A recent report found that 75% of carers, including parent carers had suffered ill health as a result of their caring work. The Healthy Parent Carer Programme is a 12 week programme, meeting online for 2 hours once a week, looking at small adjustments we can make to focus on health and wellbeing. We have also included a resource pack for Mental Health and Wellbeing support available in Shropshire. Read our special edition newsletter here.

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