Developing Therapy Services to support CYP with SEND

This group will initially look at making improvements to the Shropshire Speech and Language Service, in response to the issues with this service identified in the Shropshire SEND inspection. There will be an opportunity to review the service specification and to look at how waiting times for the service can be reduced. It is recognised however that to ensure that Shropshire children and young people with SEND achieve good outcomes, we need an effective therapy support offer, across all therapy services. Therefore, the development of all local therapy services will be looked at and this work will link closely with the Neurodevelopmental Pathway group.

What did the SEND Inspection Report say about Therapy Services in Shropshire?

  • "Children and young people experience significant waits for speech and language assessment and treatment. The current speech and language therapy (SALT) service specification is not fit for purpose. Consequently, the SALT service is not meeting the needs of children and young people with SEND in the area."

  • "Children and young people with SEND wait too long to have their needs assessed and met by SALT services. There are a significant number of children and young people who have waited over 18 weeks for assessment. Leaders have put in place a recovery plan to address this, but any sustained effect of these actions is yet to be seen."

  • "Therapy services do not proactively work with local early help services to share information and provide a joined-up approach for families who are receiving support from both teams. Leaders recognise this as an area for improvement that will enhance and streamline the support received by children and their families