One of the things that parent carers have told us that they value, is hearing the experiences of other parent carers.  It is helpful to hear how others have overcome a particular challenge or have taken a different approach to supporting their child to thrive and have fun.

Having a child with a disability or additional need can be an unexpected and life changing experience and adjusting your vision of family life can take some time.  Sharing stories of how others have adjusted to this new way of life can help others to make decisions or plan for the future. Hearing from others who have had similar experiences can also help to reduce the sense of isolation that many parent carers experience.

If you have a story to share please contact us.  You can send your story to us or we can meet with you and write up your story for you.  We also like to have a few pictures to accompany your story.

We hope that you enjoy reading the parent carer stories that we are currently sharing.

Growing Up

Initially I was unsure with my daughter; who has Autism, learning difficulties and delayed receptive and expressive language,…

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Short Breaks

Sarah Thomas talks about her son's overnight Short Breaks experience and how it has changed as he got older

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Preparing For Adulthood

My name is Jill Cleveley and I am Mum to 3 daughters; Beth who is 18, Georgi who is 20 and my eldest daughter Charlotte who is 22…

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