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Shropshire Council Care At Home

Currently Shropshire Council are looking at how they can better meet peoples needs at home through their Social Care offer. There are several surveys that cover different aspects of the services provided, but Parent Carers may wish to respond to more than one as you may want to influence current services you access and services you may engage with in the future. 

Things to consider would be:

  • What works well for you now?
  • What needs to change to improve the outcomes for your child now and in the future?
  • What needs to change to improve your families quality of life?
  • How do you want to part of influencing decisions made about the care and support your family recieve at home?

Care at home consultation | Shropshire Council

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Shropshire Council SEND Information, Advice & Support Services Survey (IASS)

Shropshire Council are due to recommission the SEND IASS contract that is currently held by Citezens Advice Bureau Shropshire. There is a national requirement for all local areas to commission an Information Advice & Support Service that provides families who are accessing the SEND system (including education, health, and social care services) with help and guidance as well as providing advice on complaints, challenges, and the EHC Plan process.

This service is core funded via the Department for Education, but locally adminsitered. This means that local authorities and health systems may choose to increase the funding available for the service. In Shropshire the council and integrated care board both add some additional funding currently.

The recommissioning process will explore:

  • Funding levels and sufficiency of service - is there enough money for the demand and need for the service currently and in the future
  • Service delivery model - is there a better way to deliver the service or component parts of the service so that elements are delivered more effectively and can better meet community needs
  • Tender options - what may be offered as contract opportunities and who should these be open to during the tendering process
  • Gap analysis -  what does the SEND community say they need and is that offered in the current contract, if not how can this be delivered to meet need, or is there another way these needs can be met by other services

Families are asked to consider what they would like to see available in the new service offer and how they would like this to be delivered. This will inform how the contract options are developed and how they may be delivered.

SEND Information, Advice and Support Services Survey | Shropshire Council

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Shropshire Council Shropshire Youth Survey

Shropshire Council are seeking information from young people in local communities to inform their planning of Youth Services at a community level. This means they want to know about activities in your area, opportunities that you may already be accessing or that you would like to access and are not available or not accessible to you.

This is a survey aimed at young people themselves and does not mention SEND specifically. However, it may still be worth responding by helping your child complete it or pass it on to them as any influence we can have on mainstream activities that take appropriate consideration of SEND will be helpful to improving opportunities for our children and young people.

Shropshire Youth Survey November 2023 | Shropshire Council


Future Consultations

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