The Only Way is UPP - Understand, Prepare, Prevent


PACC recently presented to the Shropshire Integrated Place Partnership (SHIPP) Board about the how young people with learning disabilities and / or autism can be best supported to lead healthy lives.  The PACC Preparation For Adulthood Healthy Lives Project started in 2022 and supported the development of an approach PACC calls 'UPP -  Understand, Prepare, Prevent which recongises that:

•The Learning Disability and /or Autism Community do not have the same opportunities to develop their understanding of how to establish, maintain and benefit from a healthy lifestyle, resulting in poorer health outcomes.

•Starting in childhood typically this group have limited experiences of wider society, resulting in reduced confidence and resilience which becomes a barrier to accessing health care, as well as having a direct negative impact on physical and mental health.

PACC, working with Taking Part has been developing opportunities for young people with learning disabilities and / or autism and their families to come together to learn about key health issues for their community and to experience a range of activities which will support their physical and mental health.  You can read the PFA Healthy Lives project report here and the UPP presentation shared with the SHIPP Board here

The 'Upp' presentation and approach was very well received and supported by the SHIPP Board.  It was agreed that this approach should be promoted throughout the Shropshire system and in particular should inform the personalisation and  personalised care work currently happening locally.  For more information about 'personalised care' see here  For further information about the Shropshire Integtrated Care System and the SHIPP Board see here

PACC is currently developing the PFA Healthy Lives programme for 2023 and will share further information about what is being offerred for families in the near future.


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