What do You Want to Know About Supported Living in Shropshire?


The Shropshire Preparation for Adulthood Team are looking to create some videos of parent carers talking about their son/daughters moving into supported living accommodation.  The help with this they are looking for suggestion for questions from parent carers about this topic.  PACC has provided an initial list of questions taken from discussions at our recent Independent Living and Employment Event (see below), but we are sure that there will be more.  If you have a question about supported living please do get in touch, either by messaging PACC or emailing your question to enquiries@paccshropshire.org.uk

Questions resulting from discussion at the PACC Independent Living and include;

•            Is public transport provision assessed before a house for supported living is commissioned?

•            Do young people get support with making the decision to live independently?

•            How will living costs be paid for? – leading on to claiming benefits such as Universal Credit and Housing benefit

•            What will the transition to supported living look like?

•            What will young people do during the day when they live in supported living accommodation?

•            How will young people be supported to stay in touch with family and friends?

•            How will young people be continue to be supported to learn new skills and build their independence?

•            Can young people carry on attending activities they are already involved in when they move into supported living?

•            How will young people be supported to stay healthy in supported living? 

•            How will a young person’s capacity to make lifestyle decisions be assessed?

•            What will happen if a young person refuses to eat a healthy diet, maintain a good hygiene routine or to attend activities?

•            Who will attend doctor or hospital appointments with the young person when they move to supported living?

•            Will family be kept informed about outcomes from such appointments?

•            What happens if a young person doesn’t get on with their housemate?


Taken from ‘A Sense of Purpose and Place of My Own’ report


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