Supporting Families to Co-produce with Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery


On Saturday 8th June PACC supported SEND families from our Buddies Network to participate in two workshop sessions to co-create ideas for SM&AG future development.  The sessions were introduced as ‘helping to redesign the Museum’ and offered ‘hands-on sessions to explore the museum and share what you want to see there in the future’.  The PACC workshops were part of a wider engagement programme by SM&AG, working with a range of children and young people.

After introductions the young people and their parent carers were asked to explore the Roman Gallery and to put stickers on anything they didn’t like.  This could be things they didn’t understand, or thought were boring for example.  After a discussion about what they had found, the group then went back into the gallery to find the things that they did like.  Finally the group were asked if they could redesign SM&AG, what would it look like?  There were some great and very creative ideas suggested!

PACC would like to thank SM&AG for this opportunity and look forward to seeing how the Museum develops in the future.

You can view a range of photographs from the day here 

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