Speech and Language Service Redesign


PACC has been asked to share the information below by the local Speech and Language Service.  Following the Shropshire SEND Inspection and idenfication of this Service as one that needed to be improved, work has started to understand how SEND families feel positive changes could be made.  The survey below is an opportunity to influence this work further.

"In the summer last year a group of parents and a group of education staff from across Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire kindly joined us to talk about their experiences of the children’s speech and language therapy service; what they like and value and what could be better.

From the feedback they shared about valuing information and knowledge and wanting more opportunities to develop skills and confidence we have begun to redesign parts of the service. For example, we have developed and launched a Facebook page www.facebook.com/ShropcomSLT  and have also invited more parents and education staff than ever before to join our redesigned training workshops. We have had some great feedback about some of the changes we have made.

The parents and education staff who joined us last summer and the speech and language therapy team would like the service to be co-designed by those who use it to support the children and young people who you know with speech, language and communication and eating drinking and swallowing needs. If you have a few minutes we would love to have your feedback. Please click on the link to complete the survey. We plan to close the survey on 24th May. We will share the findings from the survey through the LAs and PACC/PODS SEND Newsletters and the Shrocom Children’s and Families Newsletter. Thank you for your help"

Children’s SLT survey for parents and educators

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