PACC Annual Survey 2017


PACC Annual Survey 2016/17 - It is PACC annual survey time! We really do want to hear from you and we will be sharing the survey in numerous ways over the next few weeks to make sure no one misses out on the chance to provide some feedback on our work.  There will be paper copies of the survey in the Summer edition of 'Participate' which has just been posted out to members and we have an online version too.

Most of the questions are multiple choice so it won't take too much time to complete, but there is also space for any additional comments that you may want to make. The online version is split into three parts because our free package only allows us 10 questions per survey. Please do complete all three questionnaires.

PACC Annual Survey 2016/17 – General activity  

 PACC Annual Survey 2016/17 - SEND Reforms  

 PACC Annual Survey 2016/17 - Understanding Our Lives project

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