Ofsted launches its 'Big Listen' Consultation


Ofsted has launched its ‘Big Listen’ consultation and wants to hear from parent carers, children and young people and practitioners who work in or with the education system. 

Ofsted recognise that following some recent challenges there are areas where it can improve, while keeping the needs of children and learners at the centre of its work.  Families have reported that they believe better information should be made available about education providers and local areas, and practitioners believe the way Ofsted works can be improved.

Ofsted says

“It is our job to tell parents and carers what it is like to be a child or learner in the providers we inspect: the places where they learn and are cared for. We are tasked with providing an accurate picture of what it is like to be a child or learner in the education and care systems, nationally and locally.

That is why we praise those that deliver for children and learners and why we unapologetically highlight where children’s needs are not being met, especially when this negatively affects disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

We believe there is more we can do to highlight what it is like to be a child in this country, including how their experiences vary by location. And we can do more to highlight the experiences of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, because if you get it right for disadvantaged and vulnerable children, you get it right for all.”

The consultation is open until the 31st May 2024 and as well as a survey for any adult who wants to respond, there is a specific survey designed for children and young people under the age of 18.

The Big Listen seeks views right across Ofsted’s work, from schools and children’s social care to teacher training and early years.

They want to explore 4 areas:

  • reporting – how Ofsted report on their education and regulatory inspections
  • inspection practice – the shape of Ofsted education and regulatory inspections, ways of working and the craft of inspecting
  • culture and purpose – the conduct of Ofsted inspections and the way they work
  • impact – the consequences of Ofsted inspections for children, professionals, institutions and parents’ choices

You can read more and access the surveys here 

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