New Shropshire Adult Social Care Direct Payments Website launched


Shropshire Council have a new website all about Direct Payments in Shropshire:

It provides information for all stages of involvement with direct payments from initial information, to help and advice on current direct payments, and information for personal assistants and employers.

Adult Direct payments are available if you:

  • Have been assessed as eligible for local authority services
  • Have a disability and are aged 16 or over (including disabled parents)
  • Are a carer aged 16 or over including people with parental responsibility for a child   with disabilities

Please follow the link below to see if you could be eligible for a Direct Payment and how to get started:

If you care for a disabled child or young person direct payments are also available via the Shropshire Disabled Children’s Team to help meet their needs

For more help contact Shropshire Council at First Point of Contact on tel no 0345 678 9044.

For families who already have Direct Payments, please see the newsletter section on the website for updates and advice on Care and Support shortages, PPE and infection control grant. From January 2022, there will be more updates and advice on the website in the Newsroom section so the most up to date information will be available online:

The newsletter states that ‘It can be possible for family or friends to be paid the Personal Assistant (PA) rate for any support hours they do to cover cancelled shifts or to cover sick leave. You might be able to get someone to provide support for a partial amount of the usual time - or the hours might differ from your usual routine. Use your direct payment to cover support as and when it is available for you to meet your needs.’ For advice contact the Direct Payment Team on 0345 678 9044.

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