Living Positively with Neurodiversity – Joint PACC & Autism West Midlands Conference


‘The neurodiversity movement celebrates the full spectrum of brain differences, encompassing both neurotypicality and neurodivergence, and champions the strength of neurodivergent people.’

PACC and Autism West Midlands have come together to jointly host a conference for parent carers and family carers entitled ‘Living Positively with Neurodiversity’.  We choose this title to recognise that SEND families will be neurodiverse, made up of individuals with different views, perspectives and ways of doing things.  This range of difference in SEND families is greater than in most because one or some of the family members will be neurodivergent and that can present a greater level of challenge when parent carers are trying to meet everyone’s needs, including their own.

The conference will open with an opportunity to explore what it means to be a parent carer or family carer and the importance of self-care.  This will be followed by a discussion about  ‘quality of life’, what that might look like and the impact when this is missing.

There will be an opportunity to get to know the Autism West Midlands Team and to hear about the fantastic work they do in Shropshire and to find out about the National SEND Change Programme and how that is being implemented locally.

Lunch will be provided, offering a chance to talk to and catch up with fellow parent carers.

The conference will close after a short workshop session when you will be able to choose one from 4 topics to explore in greater detail.

The Conference will take place on Monday 13th May at Shrewsbury Town Football Club (SY2 6ST) and will open for registration and refreshments from 9am, with presentations starting at 9.30am prompt. The day will close by 3pm at the latest.  There is free parking available on site bus routes close by.

If you would like to secure your place please complete the booking form



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