Information to Shropshire schools about clinically vulnerable children


The Shropshire SEN Team has sent the following information to all schools in the local area about children and young people who are consider clinically vulnerable due to Covid 19.

The NHS has issued further guidance with regard to children who are clinically vulnerable. During the current heightened situation in relation to Covid 19 this will mean that these children or young people will be strongly advised not to attend school. In Shropshire we anticipate that this will affect a very small number of children.

Where this is the case however, the family or young person will receive a letter from their consultant paediatrician. An example copy of this letter can be seen here. The local authority SEN Team will also receive a copy of the list of pupils who are considered to be in the clinically vulnerable category and who will receive a copy of this letter.

A letter from a GP will not be sufficient evidence of a child being considered to be clinically vulnerable and schools will need to see a consultant’s letter if asked to authorise absence for health reasons.   Please contact if you need any further information or have any specific questions about guidance relating to children and young people who are clinically vulnerable.

An open letter from Vicky Ford (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families) for all SEND pupils and their parents/carers was published on the 9th November and includes information about attending school and accessing short break services during the current lockdown period.  You can read this letter here

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