Developing Carers Support in Shropshire


PACC attends the Shropshire Family Carers Partnership Board, which provides input into the development of Carers support in Shropshire.  The main focus of the Board is to ensure the implementation of the Shropshire All Age Carers Strategy (You can read the Strategy here). 

PACC welcomed the move to an ‘All Age’ strategy when it was developed in 2017, however we have had ongoing concerns that many carer support services in Shropshire are still not available to parent carers who support young people under the age of 18.  We are also concerned that current carer service often do not provide a focus on providing advice and information for parent carers who are supporting young people who are turning 18 and preparing for adulthood, which is a specific expectation under the Care Act 2014.  In addition to this there is still no clarity around the availability of stand along ‘Parent Carer Needs Assessments’ in Shropshire.  These are carer assessments for those supporting young people under the age of 18, when the parent carers wellbeing is considered, alongside their child’s needs.

Currently their discussions taking place about a new Carers Support Service being developed but as it currently stands this would only be accessible for carers who provide support for those over the age of 18.  PACC has questioned what steps are being taken to provide an equivalent support offer for those caring for young people under the age of 18 and are waiting for a response from Shropshire Council. 

The Shropshire All Age Carers Strategy has 5 key priorities;

1. Carers are listened to, valued and respected

2. Carers are enabled to have time for themselves

3. Carers can access timely, up-to-date information and advice

4. Carers are enabled to plan for the future

5. Carers are able to fulfil their educational, training or employment potential.

PACC would like to hear from you about what needs to happen for parent carers supporting those under the age of 18, for these priorities to be achieved.  Please send your ideas or comments to PACC at

Shropshire Council are also piloting an online carers support service called Mobilise, which is available to all Shropshire Carers regardless of the age of those they support.  The Shropshire Mobilise offer is detailed on their website  We would love to hear your thoughts on this online offer. 

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