Cerebra and the University of Leeds Continence Survey 2023


Cerebra has frequently received reports from families who have encountered difficulties when trying to access continence supplies for their disabled child. As a result, Cerebra’s Legal Entitlement and Problem-solving Team (LEaP) are carrying out a survey in co-ordination with the University of Leeds’ School of Law under the supervision of Professor Luke Clements, Cerebra Professor of Social Justice.

They would like to understand more about the experiences of families of disabled children who have encountered these kind of difficulties, when / how they happened and what the consequences were for the family.  They are also interested in any possible explanation about the refusal / limitation of continence supplies provided to you by your local health service.

The findings of the research will be published in the Spring of 2024. Previous research reports of this kind produced by the LEaP Project can be accessed here.

The survey has 14 questions and it should take between five to ten minutes to complete and you will find it here..

For any further information please email Derek Tilley at derekt@cerebra.org.uk

The survey closes on 31 July 2023.

 If you have encountered difficulties in accessing suitable continence supplies for your disabled child you may find the list of resources / information we have compiled useful: to access it, please click here.

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