Buddies Social Group for SEND Teenagers and Young Adults

Buddies is PACC's social group for SEND teenagers (13+) and young adults. The group meets monthly, on a Friday evening at the Central Baptist Church in Shrewsbury town centre and also offers a holiday programme of activities.

At the Friday evening meeting the sessions for the young people are run by Jane and Pete Bannington and focus on encouraging the young people to express their prefrences and to work and have fun together.  Jane and Pete are both experienced at supporting young people with SEND and Jane trained as a special needs teacher.  Parent carers are asked to stay for these sessions but are provided with tea, coffee and biscuits in a separate room.  This provides an opportunity for parent carers to share experiences of supporting their child through transition and provides PACC with the opportunity to meet with families who access adult services to gather feedback.

During the holidays PACC organises social activities for the Buddies group and their families.  These have included fencing taster sessions, dance and exercise sessions, boat trips and meals out.  Again parent carers are asked to attend with their young person, but our hope is that as friendships grow between the young people, parent carers can take a step back.  

We have no specific funding for this group so all the activities are self funded and the cost usually ranges from £6 to £15 per session, depending what is being offerred.  All the activities and meetings are advertised on our events page, with details of how to book your place.